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Wedding Trends for 2023

When it comes to wedding flowers, only the best will do.

At Wye Valley Flowers we are looking at wedding trends for the coming year, we know how important flowers are in creating the atmosphere and palette for the event. It is important that our couples get the best blooms for the big day.

Seasonal and sustainable flowers will continue to be the popular choice for eco-conscious couples. Pops of colour, striking texture, and show-stopping maximalist installations will come through in the details for 2023/2024 weddings.

Pastel hues will always be a popular choice, but couples are looking for a more unique expression of their style and brighter blooms have already started appearing on inspiration boards. The festival vibe and bolder shades of the last couple of years will all feature more in formal settings.

It is important to develop a creative relationship with your flower designers to translate this into your venue and vision. We often ask couples to think about a paint chart, as some colours can be misinterpreted – which would be a disaster on the day. I have seen cream, beige, pale pink, and a darker pink all described as ‘blush’ for example and in fact, it’s not exactly any of those.

Texture & floral design

Texture has become really important in floral design over the last few years, not just describing the appearance and surface of foliage or flowers but also the movement, size, proportions, and shape of the elements as a theme within an arrangement. For example, our designs are loose, country garden, and hedgerow inspired to layer texture together creating to the overall effect.

It may seem obvious to talk about Nature and flowers together, but often wedding flower arrangements can become contrived or feel very static. One of our most popular arrangements is a meadow box, which can be used in a long line down an aisle or as a backdrop against a wall, but essentially it creates a garden view – starting with smaller flowers and moss lower down, leading up through grasses and flower spires to branches and rambling roses. The rules of symmetry no longer constrain us and a freer, more organic approach allows arrangements to feel rooted to the ground. It’s dramatic and fabulous all in one.

More is more!

This leads us to maximalism where more is more! It has been popular in décor for a couple of years and is spilling onto the pages of bridal magazines for floral design. Possibly a reaction to the minimalism of micro-weddings, but large installations with maximum wow are the floral antidote to lockdown. Flower clouds suspended over tables, marquee hoops, broken arches, and cascade bouquets of the 80s are the aesthetic of excess. Ensuring good provenance of the flowers in larger displays, avoiding floral foam, and ensuring seasonality are conversations couples should have with their floral designers – how can they help you create impact without waste?

We are full for 2023 weddings, but still have some availability for 2024 and invite all couples to the flower farm for a free consultation. Get in touch if you would like to discuss ideas for your big day info@wyevalleyflowers.com

Making the Wedding flower budget go further

Flowers, though gorgeous and life-affirming – are essentially a luxury item and in terms of sustainability should perhaps be enjoyed for longer than just the wedding service. The average bridal bouquet has traveled over 4,000 miles, requiring lots of irrigation, possibly grown in peat, often sprayed in chemicals banned in the EU, using tonnes of carbon in distribution fuel, wrapped in excessive plastic packaging, dipped in flower food containing bleach and sometimes even dyed. But wedding flowers don’t have to cost the earth.

So what are the alternatives to imported flowers, which would appeal more to eco-conscious couples and also won’t blow the flower budget? British-grown, seasonal flowers. We have become more conscious about what we eat and where it comes from. Since the lockdown, we are looking for more local solutions and there are nearly 1,000 artisan flower growers across the UK, many working towards sustainable principles. Have a look at Flowers from the Farm online and on social media, where you’ll find the nearest florist farmers to your venue or at least someone who could supply ethically sourced flowers to your chosen florist (make sure they are floral foam free – as this contains microplastics).

Keep control of the budget

Once you have chosen your flower source, why not think about employing the groomsmen or friends to help move a few arrangements from the ceremony to the venue? At Wye Valley Flowers we really encourage this ‘recycling’ of flowers to make a budget go much further, but it also ensures the flowers are enjoyed for much longer and reduces waste.

Jam jars are a simple way to create impact as table centres, they can be hung on the pew ends or line an aisle for an outdoor wedding and can also act as ‘flower favours’ for guests to enjoy at home – much better than throwing the bouquet. They also make the perfect gift for anyone unable to attend.

As well as offering full floristry services, our DIY wedding buckets are also really popular. They are perfect for a creative bridal party, especially if a few friends and family are gathered at the venue the night before to assemble – preferably over a catch-up and a bottle of fizz. This allows everyone to get involved and really personalise the flowers and maximise the budget.

Similarly, a ‘broken arch’ can be designed to stand behind the couple for vows, but also be transported to work as an entrance to a reception marquee. Last year we had several ‘festival weddings’ who took the flowers from the entrance of the church, to put in the reception tipis for a really boho vibe.

Choosing locally grown, seasonal British flowers from is one of the easiest ways to make your wedding bouquet more sustainable. You are also supporting a local business too!

Email us to disscuss your flower budget, or arrange an informal chat to discuss ideas info@wyevalleyflowers.com and follow us on social media @wyevalleyflowers